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Crazy hair parties are fun and unique and always a hit!  Most people have never been to one.  If you would like to add a fresh activity to your event, crazy hair is the way to go.   When people are given the chance to let loose and be crazy, the fun begins!  Young and old will be impressed with our unique and fun hairstyles and decorations. Participant's hair is put in a variety of crazy hairstyles with colored hair spray, gel, glitter, feathers, ribbons & more.

    The paint easily washes out with shampoo and does not stain the hair or skin.
    Works with any hair color.
    No combs or brushes are used, this stops lice from traveling to others.

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Party ideas:

Send out invitations wrapped in a curler.
Craft - decorate headbands.
Game - guess how many curlers are in the jar.
Game - curler drop. Kneel on a chair and drop the curlers in a jar.
Game - pass the crazy hair Barbie (sit in a circle and pass a Barbie with crazy hair to music. Whoever has the Barbie when the music stops is out)
Have a crazy hair contest.   All the guests vote.  Winner gets the Barbie with crazy hair.
This can also make a great pre-slumber party!

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You may think these parties are only for children or teens! Think again...

Get into the fun, have a little wine and let your hair down...for a Hens Nights, Bucks Nights, Girls Nights, Bachelorette Party, Baby Shower, Birthday parties, or any type of party!

Let Dinnie's Delightful Entertainment turn your party a little crazy!  Fantastic color, glitter, swirls and curls will make this a party you will never forget!  Consider combining crazy hair with glitter tattoos, face painting, lip readings or other activities offered.  Contact Dinnie for price information and scheduling.  You will be glad you have chosen Dinnie's Delightful Entertainment!

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