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HOME - Overview of, and introduction to site.
AWARDS - Internet awards.
BALLOONS - Balloon Twisters for your event.
BIO - Information about  owner of Dinnie's Delights.
BOOKING/INQUIRIES - How to directly contact  Dinnie and other important info.
CHARACTERS -  Costumed entertainers.
COPYRIGHT - Giving credit where credit is due and other legal stuff.
CRAZY HAIR - Wild hairdos for guests.
DISCLAIMER - The official "we didn't do it" page.
E-MAIL - Write Dinnie!
FACE PAINTING -  Tigers, and lions and bears, oh my!
GALLERY - View GREAT photos of Dinnie's work!
HENNA -  Mindi artists are perfect for so many parties!
LINKS - Interesting links to peruse.
PALMISTRY -  Palm readers are always entertaining.
PRIVACY - More legal stuff about how we respect your rights and are COPPA compliant.
REFERENCES -  Clients and testimonials.
SITE MAP - You are here!
WEB RINGS - Web rings with other interesting sites to surf.

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Explore the pages of this site to to find out more about what she offers for your party and event.  Then contact Dinnie for price information and scheduling.  You will be glad you have chosen Dinnie's Delightful Entertainment!
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