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Discover the person who is beneath the skin.  We read hands to give participants valuable information about their their lives, reveal potential and have fun!  Entertaining participants at special events and private parties, the readings are upbeat, and empowering.

Palmistry History:

Since recorded history palm reading has been used in many ways and continues to interest people in modern times. The existence of finger print patterns must have been recognized in China as far back as 3000 BC when the Emperor used his own thumb print as a personal mark when sealing his documents.  The existence of fingerprint patterns have also been acknowledged and found in the Bible and early Semitic writings.

Legend has it that in one of Aristotle travels (38-322 BC) he discovered a treatise on the art of hand reading lying on the alter dedicated to the god Hermes.  The work, it is said, was in Arabic and written in letters of gold.  Such was the impression the manuscript made upon him, that Aristotle sent it to Alexander the Great (356-323) extolling the benefits and value of the work and advising that it should be studied by all learned men.

Recognizing its merits, Alexander promptly had the treatise translated into Latin, thus making the information available to scholars to help understand human dynamics and by physicians as a diagnostic indicator of health.  Thus, some of the greater minds of time consider palm reading to be of great importance.

In our modern times, the study of palmistry in the scientific community has discovered that there is a connection between our brain and the lines in our hands.  It has been shown that when we have major changes in our lives, the lines in our hands reflect it.

Consider having palmist (one who reads palms) at your next event!  The palmist will not predict the future, since we all have free will.  The readings are upbeat, entertaining and empowering.  Contact Dinnie for price information and scheduling.  You will be glad you have chosen Dinnie's Delightful Entertainment!

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