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bulletParty and Events do not have to be expensive but they do have to be organized.  Event and party planning requires time, the more time you allow to plan the party or event, the better it will be, and the more likely within your budget! 

bulletThe four elements that need to be decided as soon as possible when considering any party or event are: date, theme, guest count and location.

bulletFollow up with those who will be providing services at your event/party as often as you need to.  Don't be shy about making sure those you are hiring know exactly what you want and expect!

bulletEntertainers (whether henna artists, face painters, tea leaf readers, balloon twisters, graphologists and the like) usually can process about 6-12 guests an hour.  Figure how many people will be at your party and how many hours it will last.  This will allow you to calculate how many entertainers your event will need. Everyone will line up for a tarot reading, palmistry, astrology, glitter tattoos, etc. Don't let your guests be disappointed.  The more entertainers at your event, the happier your guests will be. Guests can compare notes from various types of readers... it is a great ice breaker.

bulletWhen booking an astrologer for an event, get birth date/time/birthplace information, beforehand, from guests and have it available for the astrologer.  This will allow them to do the most personalized readings possible.  Astrologers can do charts and readings simply based on the date of birth, but it won't be as individual specific.

bulletIf you are planning a party or event that is annual, such as a birthday, fund raiser, or company Christmas party, don't do it completely the same way it was done before!  Guests will be bored if they are asked to do all the same things, so be sure to vary especially the activities and other entertainment you provide the guests.

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Explore the pages of this site to to find out about what Dinnie offers for your party and event.  Then contact Dinnie for price information and scheduling.  You will be glad you have chosen Dinnie's Delightful Entertainment!

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